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Teachers Enthusiastic in Their Support of the Common Core

October 04, 2013

Our College-Ready work aims to graduate all students ready for college, career and community by strengthening the powerful connections between teachers and students. With the implementation of the Common Core State Standards underway across the country, we are now at a moment in time when we can turn this aspiration into reality.

The standards are designed to help all students learn the core skills they need to be successful in college and career.  We know that teachers are playing a critical role in making the standards real and relevant for their students.

And teachers are excited – 77% of those teaching math or English language arts said the standards will improve their students’ ability to think critically and use reasoning skills. Further, nearly as many -- 73 percent -- of math, English language arts, science and social studies teachers in Common Core states said they are enthusiastic about implementing the standards in their classrooms. Those are just two findings from Primary Sources: America’s Teachers on Teaching in an Era of Change, a survey of 20,000 public school teachers.  A preview of the results is featured in the USAToday article:  “Teachers praise new standards for classroom learning.”

Not only does this new survey confirm that teachers have eagerly embraced the Common Core, it also reveals that most teachers think that implementation is going well in their schools. However, nearly three in four teachers also reported that they’re going to have to teach differently in order to fully implement the standards, and that they need support, help and resources to make those instructional shifts. 

This information gives us an opportunity to help more states produce positive results by listening and responding to teachers who are the center of helping all students succeed.

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