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Your Reinvented Condom Questions, Answered

November 25, 2013

By now, many of you will have heard the news that our Grand Challenges Explorations team has awarded 11 grants to teams with ideas for a reinvented condom.

Why reinvent the condom? Simply put, condoms save lives (for instance, by preventing HIV transmission), but worldwide use  remains low. Additionally, the condom has changed very little in the past 50 years; if we applied new thinking to the condom, might we create a product (or several products) that is both effective and used by people around the world?

Steve Buchsbaum, the deputy director leading our Grand Challenges teams, dropped by Reddit to answer these and other user questions about the condom challenge. Below, our five favorite moments from the chat:

Check out this photo album for more information on a few of the reinvent the condom grant recipients:
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