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From Ideas to Action: Putting the TEDxParis Community to Work

December 11, 2013

Some ideas are worth spreading. Some projects are worth supporting.

In 2009, convinced that there were ideas worth spreading, I launched TEDxParis. From 60 intrigued people in a small venue, we grew into a diverse community of 40,000 professionals, students and innovators. We highlighted daring initiatives, new experiences and scientific breakthroughs. This was a first step.

Over the last four years, our TEDxParis community has asked how they can offer their skills and services to help others find solutions to tough problems.

It is now time for a next step. It is time for action.

 You know that there the world is facing many challenges. But you also know there are many initiatives that take these challenges head on.

You know that there the world is facing many challenges. But, as members of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation community, you also know there are many initiatives that take these challenges head on. We want to help these change-makers by connecting them with our TEDxParis community of experts.

This is the purpose behind “l’Échappée Volée”, the name for this new initiative. As an accelerator for innovative, engaging and meaningful projects, it will allow the most engaged TEDxParis community members to get involved in 5 meaningful projects coming from 5 key sectors: Health, Education, Sustainable Development, Solidarity, and Empowerment through arts and culture.

We wish to support those who strive for positive change through action-oriented initiatives. And you can help!

On the 18th of October, we launched a call for projects. You can help by spreading this news through your networks. Applications are due by January 20, so you and your networks still have time to submit a great idea! The application form and all the details concerning the initiative can be found here:

The five winners will receive six months of project support from the TEDxParis community, and will have the opportunity to present at TEDxParis in 2014 to gain more exposure for your work.

We are proud that accelerator has caught the attention of the Gates Foundation. We are also honoured to have Béatrice Nere, who is in charge of relations with France, the G8 and the G20 for the foundation, as a member of our Editorial Committee to help us select the best 5 projects.

We know there are great projects out there. We know we can help them. We know you can help us. Getting together is a step we are looking forward to take.

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