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7 People Who Are Changing the World

March 06, 2014

We all want to change the world but some of us are working to do so in major ways that have the potential to positively impact millions of people. The Skoll Foundation found seven people who are doing exactly that and bestowed upon them their "Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship" (which, by the way, comes with a $1.25 million, three-year investment to help these leaders expand the work to increase impact).  

"These are not lifetime achievement awards, " said Sally Osberg, President and CEO of the Skoll Foundation. "These are bets on the people who will create better futures for millions."

Who are these ultra-amazing humans who are disrupting the status quo? 

They include (and head to for more information):

Mabel van Oranje, Girls Not Brides


According to Skoll, Every year 14 million girls are married as children, denied their rights to health, education,and opportunity, and robbed of their childhood. Mabel van Oranje has an inspiring vision of what the world could look like if there were no child brides, and initiated Girls Not Brides with the bold goal of ending child marriage in one generation.

Jockin, Arputham, Slum Dwellers, International

In 2008—for the first time in history—more people were living in urban than in rural areas. Today, more than one billion people live in slums. Founded by a collective of slum dwellers and concerned professionals headed by Jockin Arputham, a community organizer in India, Slum Dwellers International works to have slums recognized as vibrant, resourceful, and dignified communities.

Josh Nesbit, Medic Mobile

One billion people will never see a health professional in their lives. Yet 95 percent of the world’s population has access to a mobile signal. Josh Nesbit’s Medic Mobile was created to improve health in underserved and disconnected communities using communication tools. Medic Mobile builds mobile applications for community health workers, caregivers, and patients to increase life-saving health care coverage.

Check out the rest of the awardees here. 

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