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Focus on Teachers: Colleague Circle Supports the Common Core

April 25, 2014

Teachers from California to Colorado to Tennessee to Massachusetts voiced their support for the Common Core State Standards in a teacher-developed video recently published on YouTube.

Their message?  There is nothing common about the Common Core—except the expectation of excellence.”

The video was the brainchild of Chelmsford, MA teacher leader Katie Novak and her colleague circle from the 2013 ECET2 (Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teachers and Teaching) Convening.

“Our project was based on this whole idea that, predominately, teachers believe in the Common Core State Standards,” Katie explains.  “But, most of us don’t have the strongest voice because we’re busy doing other things—planning lessons, grading, looking at new curriculum, running extracurricular activities.”

Katie continues, “We wanted to create a video or a PSA [Public Service Announcement] to show that we do support the Common Core.  That we stand for the Common Core and believe that it is going to help us teach your kids.  We wanted people to explore the Common Core for themselves and talk to their own teachers about it.”

I encourage you to take a look at the Support the Common Core video and share it with colleagues, parents and others.  Their clips aren’t slick or commercially produced.  Their video is about real teachers putting their names and faces to the Common Core Standards. 

And, Katie and her colleagues are really clear on how they use the CCSS.  As they state in the video, “I use the standards to design creative, engaging, and rigorous curriculum so that I can teach your child to think, to lead, to collaborate and communicate.”  That’s exactly what the CCSS are about.

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