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Mastering Results Framework for FSP investments: A webinar

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July 18, 2016

Investing in the social sector requires a deep understanding of why a specific investment will contribute to change the world for the better. In the case of FSP Team, it means understanding how a specific grant can contribute to push financial inclusion; increase the use of financial tools among the poor and to help them live better lives. This is key to make sure the most relevant development projects are selected and prioritized – but this is also difficult.

Results framework aims at achieving such an understanding by highlighting the chain of key expected results from a specific intervention and how it contributes to a targeted end-goal. It requires the development of a well-articulated logic model based on clear hypothesis. And once agreed upon between Program Officers and Grantees, it can be used as living management tool. This is why many investment decisions relies on results framework in in the Development world in general, and at the BMGF (and the FSP team) in particular.

Such a tool is powerful but the concepts used (activities, outputs, outcomes and strategic goal) are not intuitive. This leads to discrepancies in the way they are prepared which, in turn, weaken the investment process. Explaining the role and meaning of those concepts is key for grantees to be able to articulate them in a logical way.

This is exactly what this webinar is aiming at, with three specific objectives in mind:

  • Developing a shared understanding of what a results framework is and why it is relevant
  • Defining how results frameworks are built, and as a result improve their median quality among grantees of the FSP team
  • Providing tools allowing Program Officers to communicate better with grantees when working together on a results framework

This webinar has been built taking into account the request of the BMGF Program Officers and seeks to be:

  • Practical, with numerous examples and exercises. The concepts are detailed but it is only when you have successfully applied them that you know they are understood
  • Easy to use, thanks to an interactive chaptering: you can go through the video at your selected pace, jump directly to the most relevant section for you or re-listen the part you deem the most important 
  • Relevant for multiple types of grants since many different types of intervention can contribute to the FSP’s team objectives while relying on different logic

We hope you will find it useful!

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