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Thank You, Canada!

September 16, 2016

This September, world leaders are gathering in Canada to renew global commitment to the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria and Canada is leading the charge. Governments, companies, non-profit organizations and philanthropies from around the world will commit to smart and effective investments through the Global Fund, which has helped turn the tide against AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria and improve the lives of women and girls since 2002.

Canada is leading the way by increasing its investment in the Global Fund over the next three years and hosting the conference of world leaders. Learn more about Canada’s commitment to making the world a better place by prioritizing the health and wellness of our global community.

Join us in thanking the Canadian government and the Canadian people for their smart investment in saving lives, taking on AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria, and improving the lives of women and girls around the world. Post these videos on Facebook or Twitter to show your appreciation!

Bill Gates Thanks Canadians

Since 2002, 17 million lives have been saved thanks in part to Canada’s support for the Global Fund, one of the most effective global partnerships fighting AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

A Mother and Daughter’s Letter to PM Justin Trudeau

When Patricia gave birth to Consolata, she discovered she was HIV positive and had passed the virus to her daughter. In a heartfelt letter to PM Trudeau, mother and daughter share how the Global Fund helped them get the life-saving medicine they needed.

What is the Global Fund and why should you care?

The world has made incredible progress in the fight against AIDS, TB, and malaria. But there’s still more work to do. Learn about one of the most effective partnerships leading the fight.

Ending HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria

Melinda Gates, Trevor Noah, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ask for your help to end HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria– and how you can help.

Saving 20 Million Lives

What if someone told you could save 20 million lives. What if you found out you already did?

Be a Global Citizen

Calling all Global Citizens in Canada. Show up, take action and join us for the concert to end HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria on September 17.

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