Vaccine Delivery Team Profiles: Strategy, Planning & Management

9/6/2016 5:07:14 PM

As members of the Strategy, Planning & Management team, we’re passionate about thinking ahead. Whether through resource planning for the next big innovation or measuring the success of ongoing projects, we work to ensure that the Vaccine Delivery Team is driven by unified goals and following a road map for success. 

We’re also an eclectic bunch, with star athletes, sailors, musicians and amateur marine ecologists in our ranks. We hope that by introducing ourselves in a more personal way, you’ll get to know the individuals that support your inspirational work to deliver life-saving vaccines where needed most.

Heather Smith
Senior Assistant
Heather is the go-to person when things need to get done. She first came to the Foundation   more than three years ago as a Temporary Assistant in Global Health. Since then, she has worn many hats assisting the Finance and Global Development teams at different times. As for the most formative project of her tenure, she places the annual Product Development Forum at the top of the list. The Forum exposed her to Foundation leadership and enabled her to learn about key product development partners and grantees throughout the world. A fun fact about Heather: she moonlights as an expert amateur singer and once came just short of winning Seattle’s Karaoke Singer of the Year contest.

Kathleen Goodman
Deputy Director of Strategy, Planning & Management
Kathleen is strategy and operations guru with a passion for bringing the best out of grantees through the magic of clear, data-driven strategies implemented by effective teams. She considers her team’s project with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance to measure progress towards global immunization coverage and vaccine introduction targets to be the most exciting in her five years at the Foundation. Ever the inquisitive mind, Kathleen majored in marine ecology in college and gained a lifelong obsession with intertidal invertebrates. When she’s off work and the tide is out, you can find her scanning the beach at the end of her street for colorful opalescent nudibranchs.

Kelly Jarrett
Deputy Director of Finance & Planning
When Kelly arrived in Seattle nearly a decade ago, he brought a world of experience from Silicon Valley’s semiconductor and life science industries. At the Foundation since his northwest arrival, he has managed finance teams in the Global Health and Global Development programs—focusing mainly in infectious diseases, vaccine delivery and polio eradication. He considers polio eradication and replenishment to support Gavi’s expanded immunization programs as the most exciting and formative projects of his time at the Foundation. Kelly is also a former star athlete. He once played soccer in the US Olympic Development Program and competed against international teams. Kelly remains a soccer fanatic to this day.

Nicole Tiano
Senior Financial Manager
With an MBA and 20 years of experience studying and working across the globe, Nicole leads is part of the financial planning and analysis team at the Foundation. Though she works across multiple projects, she draws the most excitement from the daily opportunity to analyze operating models for Foundation partners in the hopes of identifying more efficient ways to fund and strengthen them. Her left brain dominates at work, but at home, the right brain takes priority. Nicole always has a slew of projects going on to keep her creative energies flowing. She is currently in the process of making candlesticks, refinishing two pieces of furniture and designing her front yard landscape.

Paul La
Officer, Grants & Contracts Management
Paul’s professional background is much more than meets the eye. He was once a missile technician in the US Navy. Then he was a public defense attorney in Snohomish County. Now, he is an Officer in Grants and Contracts Management at the Foundation. Given his experience, it should then come as little surprise that his favorite project at the Foundation has been a grant to support the development and deployment of unmanned aerial vehicle technology for health commodity delivery. Outside of work, Paul enjoys playing with his miniature Australian Shepherd—whom he taught to sit, lie down and roll over in less than six weeks. In return, she taught him to throw a good fastball in less than six days.

Sarah Chesemore
Senior Portfolio Officer
Through strategy, programs and partnerships, Sarah helps social sector organizations create effective and sustainable pathways to achieve pivotal impact. A Senior Portfolio Officer, she’s eager to help teams achieve their goals by setting clear priorities and making strategic investments in projects and organizations. Over the eight years she has worked with the foundation, Sarah has most enjoyed helping Vaccine Delivery, Education and Global Libraries consider the future and ways to advance progress given new innovations and changing environments. In her spare time, she loves to attend music concerts with her family, saying that nothing makes her happier than jazz jam sessions and pop music singalongs with her two children.  

Sarah Standard
Senior Program Coordinator
Sarah is a pioneer of the Vaccine Delivery team—one of the originals. Now a program coordinator, she has been with the team since its early beginnings. Throughout her time at the Foundation, her work has focused primarily on new vaccine introductions and market dynamics. She counts her support for innovative, market-based financing mechanisms to lower the cost of life-saving vaccines as the most formative of her time in Seattle. Before assuming her current role, she had a thriving career of another sort: she traveled far and wide throughout the US while performing with several live bands.

Susan Wittenberg
Senior Officer, Grants and Contracts Management
It would not be a stretch to call Susan a renaissance woman. She is a paralegal, negotiator, facilitator and grant and contract professional who has spent the majority of her career working in the non-profit and global health sectors. For 10 years she has also set sail along the beautiful waterways of the Pacific Northwest and western Canada, living aboard a 42 foot boat with her husband and daughter. She considers her support for polio eradication the most exciting initiative in her tenure at the Foundation. In 2016, she received the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management’s (IACCM) Contract Excellence Award for her support to Emergency Operations Centers in Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Vijesh Nair
Financial Associate
Before joining the Foundation in 2013 as a Financial Associate, Vijesh served as a transaction advisory services consultant in microfinance and mobile banking, an equity research analyst for the Aerospace and Defense sector and a venture capital consultant. He lists his work to calculate the Foundation’s spend on vaccines—and collaboration with the World Health Organization to develop a donor contribution and fund usage tracker for polio—as his two most exciting projects. Vijesh is much more than a technical guy though. He has written scripts for short films and hopes to get back to it at some point in the future.
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