Focus on Teachers: Teacher Colleague Circle Fosters Student Discourse

Greg Mullenholz and his Colleague Circle from ECET2 talk about their website where teachers can find instructional strategies, videos, and research on teaching speaking and listening skills demanded by the Common Core State Standards.

Can Your T-Shirt Really Help a Classroom? Yes.

I am a big fan of our partners at because they connect regular people to teachers and makes it easy to support students in need. Now, we’re excited to invite everyone to get involved in supporting classrooms in a fun and easy way with a new t-shirt design challenge on

From Sophistry to Science: The Importance of Class Size

In a recent Online Commentary in the New York Times Opinion Pages, Sara Mosle began with question “Does Class Size Count?” The dispute continues between those who contend that the expertise of the educator in the classroom is of greater importance to realizing improved academic achievement than is the number of students in the class.

Why We’re Investing $6 Million in Literacy Learning Technologies

Did you know that almost 70 percent of American eighth graders don’t read or write at grade level? That number is based on reading and writing proficiency as measured by the Nation’s Report Card. And, if you found that number surprising, then consider this: Literacy rates have been hovering in this dismal range for about 40 years.


Without Teachers, the Classroom is Just a Room

One of the things I hear most often when I talk to teachers is that they’re eager for more chances to work together, to learn from each other.