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A safe home for all DV survivors

Domestic violence has long been a leading cause of homelessness for women and children. Let's change that.

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Housing is Healthcare

Imagine a future in which a patient walks into a health clinic, and after a brief conversation with a doctor, the physician reaches for her prescription pad and writes, “1 unit, permanent housing with flexible supportive services.” She hands the scrip to her patient, who is able to have it filled as easily as an antibiotic.

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Positive Outcomes through Housing First

The Domestic Violence Housing First pilot is a great example of how collaboration across government, community-based providers and the private sector is essential in the response to family homelessness.

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What do the Gates Foundation and Home Depot Have in Common?

What do the Gates Foundation and Home Depot have in common? We were both in Washington, D.C., last week talking about how we could work together to end homelessness.

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Thinking More Broadly About a Place to Call Home

We know that the way to end homelessness is to house everyone. Yet, ensuring everyone has a place to call home requires a housing supply that is affordable to all, regardless of their incomes. The simplicity of this argument seems well suited to a freshman college logic course. However, the reality is not that simple.

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