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Menstruation Matters: Why Menstrual Hygiene Management is Core to Our Contract with the Future

On any given day, more than 800 million women and girls between the ages of 15 and 49 are menstruating worldwide. That’s right, I said it: menstruating. Menstrual hygiene is a harbinger of gender equality. It depends upon equal access to the right types of sanitation facilities, accurate information shared by men and women alike, and shared ownership from men and women across sectors and government ministries.

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Putting Women and Girls at the Center of Development: Sanitation

We want to better understand the impact of poor sanitation on women and children and the role women play in sanitation investments, decisions, and expenses at a household level.

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Why Development Begins with Women

At some level, all women, everywhere, have the same hopes: we want to be self-sufficient and create better lives for ourselves and our loved ones.

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Financially Empowering Women, Disrupting Poverty

The Financial Services for the Poor team is excited to announce our involvement in this year's Grand Challenges, where we are looking to effectively reach women and girls with innovations that simultaneously improve health, development and economic outcomes; for them, their families and communities. So be creative, and apply today!

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How the U.S. Can Honor International Women’s Day

To mark International Women’s Day, First Lady Michelle Obama participated in the 2014 International Women of Courage awards ceremony at the State Department on March 4.

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