Ending Preventable Stillbirths

We must unite our efforts to ensure that no more preventable lives are lost giving birth. By making sure all women are receiving good quality care during pregnancy and childbirth over the next 15 years in the 75 countries with the worst stillbirth rates, we could prevent 823,000 stillbirths, 1,145,000 newborn deaths, and 166,000 deaths of pregnant women each year.

When a Baby is Born Too Soon

Today GAPPS, an initiative of Seattle Children’s, announced five innovative research projects that places the focus on prevention of premature births to shrink that knowledge gap.

Filling the Knowledge Vacuum

The Global Alliance to Prevent Prematurity and Stillbirth announced funded projects today for the Preventing Preterm Birth initiative.

Behind the Scenes: Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health at the Gates Foundation

As the Maternal, Newborn and Child Health team moves into 2012, we will continue to build upon our successes and face challenges head on.

Preventing Preterm Birth Is Long Overdue

The statistics for preterm birth are staggering. It is the leading cause of death for newborns, taking the lives of 1 million babies every year. And it affects rich and poor countries alike—the rates of preterm birth in the U.S. are similar to those of Sub-Saharan Africa.