The Evidence Is In: Breastfeeding Benefits Children, Mothers and Economies

According to a series of papers released on January 28th in The Lancet, breastfeeding has substantial benefits for all mothers, newborns, and children everywhere, and may produce economic gains for countries across all income levels.

Is There a Best Way to Grow?

This blog describes the recent publication on creation of new global fetal growth standards.

Making the Invisible Visible

Roger Thurow brings hidden hunger into the open in this inaugural post for his new website,

If Prince William and Duchess Catherine do it, Will Others?

If Prince William and Duchess Catherine were to vaccinate their child in front of the world, they would be putting their stamp of approval on the importance of vaccines and serving as role models for parents around the globe.

A Global Imperative: Ending Child Malnutrition

New research published this week in the respected medical journal, The Lancet, underscores one area – undernutrition in young children – where there is a lot more work to do. According to the latest studies, undernutrition is the single largest contributor to child mortality worldwide, accounting for 45% of all child deaths.