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A Good Year to Be a Washingtonian

Here’s what Gates Foundation Pacific Northwest partners had to say about 2017 and the year ahead.

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How Highline Public Schools is Changing the Conversation

Mary Jean Ryan, Executive Director of Community Center for Education Results, talks with Susan Enfield, Superintendent of Highline Public Schools, about the district’s role and experience in the Road Map Project.

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How this Community Celebrates Back to School

White Center, in South Seattle is bustling with activity, working to connect families and community members to resources, services, and supports. Families, students, teachers and staff from nearby schools, and a team from the White Center Community Development Association (CDA) come together with one goal in mind: Build a vibrant community in White Center. With teachers and caregivers often stretched thin balancing daily demands; a rich community support system can make a world of difference.

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One Teenage Somali Muslim Refugee’s Admiration for her Mother

A beautiful tribute to an "awesome" and "inspiring" mom.

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“Create Change” — A day to change how we think about art, advocacy and homelessness

The Seattle Public Library’s “Create Change: Youth and Family Homelessness and the Arts” showed how art can be used to take action towards ending youth and family homelessness.

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