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Do You Speak Research?

The challenge that many INGOs have (Plan International included) is a tendency to be very narrowly focused on the implementation of practices and an adversity to change in programming approaches. If we want to be able to deal with these challenges, INGOs
need to sharpen our approaches, and do so quickly.

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1 in 3 Women Living With Discomfort, Indignity and Fear for Want of a Toilet

Across the world, 1 in 3 women risk shame, disease, harassment and even attack because they have nowhere safe to go to the toilet. That's 1.25 billion women - daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers.

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Poop Games with a Purpose: The Great WASH Yatra

Two organizations, Quicksand and WASH United, have developed the Yatra as an innovative way to get people engaged on good sanitation and hygiene practices. The Nirmal Bharat Yatra (Great WASH Yatra) carnival will travel to five sites across five states
in India between October 2 and November 19, World Toilet Day.

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