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Experts estimate that more than half the children in Washington state enter kindergarten without the skills they need to succeed. To get off to the right start, children need to enter kindergarten emotionally, socially, and intellectually ready for learning. We're working to help all children in Washington state start learning before they begin school and start kindergarten ready to succeed.

Learn more below and visit the program page for more details about our work in this area.

A Strong Start for my Preschool Students

As a pre-K teacher at Bailey Gatzert Elementary, I’m fortunate that I get to spend my days with our youngest learners. They may be tiny, but they are full of wonder and teach me something every day.

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Meet Marquita Davis, Deputy Director of Early Learning

Marquita Davis, our new Deputy Director of Early Learning shares our belief in the power of high-quality pre-K to help children get ahead. Learn more about Marquita in this Q&A.

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Ready for Kindergarten

Pre-K is high-quality education, not just a place to put your kids. Teaching pre-K is hard work--these are the people who are molding and shaping your kid, and everything they do matters. Because of our quality pre-K experience, I feel confident that we're ready for Kindergarten.

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10 Examples of Progress in Washington State

2015 included its share of memorable moments for our Pacific Northwest partners and our community.

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Road Stories: What I learned visiting our partners in 2015

Partners we visited this year help preserve education’s role as the great equalizer.

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