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One of the most cost-effective public health interventions is family planning, which can significantly improve the health of women and their families. Family planning enables women and couples to determine the timing and spacing of their children and gives mothers and newborns an opportunity to stay healthy.

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There’s No Place Like Home (for receiving health care)

Stasia Obremskey & Grace Carroll share their experience meeting women in Mozambique who want to take control of their health and their futures, by using contraceptives to time and space their pregnancies.

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When Women Are In Charge Of Family Planning, Everyone Wins

The role of women in Family Planning. She says that when women are empowered, they become active participants in decision-making for their family like determining its size. She further highlights that despite the progress made through multiple policy and intervention implementations in the last few decades, there remain some challenges that need to be addressed because for many women in India access to contraceptives is still a problem. It also talks of the recently launch of The Challenge Initiative for Healthy Cities (TCIHC) which aims to work closely with city governments to address family planning and maternal and child health needs among the urban poor.

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Big Ideas from Grand Challenges Explorations New Wave of Awardees

Great Ideas Come from Everywhere, 28 Grand Challenges Explorations projects from 11 countries are part of today's Gates Foundation's announcement.

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From Assessing Family Planning Needs to Accelerating Drug Development for Childhood Diarrhea - Big Ideas from Grand Challenges Explorations Latest Awardees

Big Ideas from Grand Challenges Explorations Latest Awardees

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Quality Improvement by Candlelight

The experience of using the quality improvement team approach for vaccine supply chains in Rwanda and Myanmar has shown that these teams are essential to creating sustainable supply systems, led by local leaders and staff.

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