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Innovations in science and technology can dramatically improve the health of poor people in the developing world.  We are engaging the world’s scientists to identify new ideas, to fill gaps in scientific knowledge and to create new health solutions that will result in lives saved.


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How Germany Can Take the Lead in Global Health

The Gates Foundation recently announced that we’re opening a new European office in Berlin, and we are holding our annual Grand Challenges meeting in Germany’s capital city as well. Neither the time nor the place is a coincidence. Germany is an emerging leader in global health. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the World Health Summit, an annual convening of global health leaders hosted by Germany with the co-sponsorship of other European Union nations.

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Health spends can’t be left to chance

Everybody faces the possibility of incurring medical expenses at short notice. You are better off if you regularly put a fixed sum of money into a pool and relied on this to pay for unpredictable expenses (Shutterstock)

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The path to maximising citizen welfare

Today, the private sector provides ‘public goods’ while the State looks at issues such as law and order

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Grand Challenges: Fueling Innovation in Global Health and Development

Nearly fifteen years ago, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation launched Grand Challenges—a landmark initiative to fund promising early-stage scientific innovations that could prevent, treat and cure diseases in the developing world. As part of the launch of Grand Challenges, we, along with partners at the Wellcome Trust, the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health and the Canadian Institute of Health Research, invested nearly half a billion dollars to kickstart 44 ambitious projects. In the more than a decade that has followed the initial 2005 investments, Grand Challenges has expanded to represent a growing network of independent, but collaborating, national Grand Challenge programs with investments in 87 countries.

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Adding to the Innovation Ecosystem: Announcing Five New Grand Challenges Calls

This month, we are announcing five new challenges that collectively provide some perspective on the scale and scope of our ambitions. We started Grand Challenges almost 15 years ago to encourage people with big ideas to concentrate on the problems that prevent the poorest from thriving. We invite you to apply to one of the challenges and join us.

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