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Every student in the United States deserves the chance to go to college, but millions can't afford the tuition. Low-income students and students of color are particularly hard hit. We encourage leadership and public service in the U.S. and abroad and work to provide scholarships for graduate study in fields that benefit local and global communities.

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The Transformational Power of Data

How can the creative use of data spark change?

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Reporting Results to Spur Action

The first Results Report is out from the Seattle-area Road Map Project -and it is encouraging. Just last month, the region received a $40 million Race to the Top federal education grant for the great work being done in King County.

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Can Public Schools Be Fixed?

For those of us who have chosen to devote our careers to education reform, this is a rhetorical question. Of course we believe our schools can be fixed, and of course we believe every child can achieve at high levels. But, sadly, it’s not a belief that is universally held.

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