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About 2.6 billion people use unsafe toilets or defecate in the open.  Poor sanitation causes severe diarrhea, which kills 1.5 million children each year.  Smart investments in sanitation can reduce disease, increase family incomes, keep girls in school, help preserve the environment, and enhance human dignity.

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Half the world away? Fecal sludge and septage treatment in low and middle income countries

Within the pages of a newly-released engineering design manual, there are vital solutions for one of the most important sanitation challenges which most people have never heard of.

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There’s no reason why India can’t reach its development goals

The path forward, however, will need to combine all of our accumulated wisdom of the past with these and other pivotal ideas for the future, if we are to get to them.

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The path to maximising citizen welfare

Today, the private sector provides ‘public goods’ while the State looks at issues such as law and order

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A strong foundation for progress- Supporting and enabling groundbreaking projects from inception to results on the ground.

The challenge of improving sanitation demands a pipeline of technological solutions from India’s best minds, along with sustained funding.

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Innovation: Taking the Neglect out of Neglected Diseases, Part II

Dr. Sara Lustigman's Grand Challenges Explorations grant involving the development of infective larvae of parasitic filarial worms through to adulthood using three-dimensional tissue modles.

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