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Global Leaders Meet On Food Security, Hunger

May 16, 2012

How do we get "reliable food supplies" to the one billion people around the world who go hungry? And how do we ensure that we will be able to feed the world as our population tops 9 billion by 2050? Addressing "food security" for the billions on the planet will be the central development issue at this month's "G8" summit hosted by President Obama, bringing together world leaders to discuss a range of major global challenges. But before the summit takes place, there will be another, critical gathering of leaders (including President Obama and Secretary Clinton, African leaders, international organizations, and civil society ) to prepare the G8 agenda on this issue; specifically to come up with new tactics to advance global agricultural development, food and nutrition security in Africa.

Though this symposium on global agriculture and food security, hosted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the World Economic Forum, is a meeting of some of the most powerful people in the world, there are opportunities for your voice to be heard. You can follow @globalagdev and join the conversation at #globalag, on Twitter.

There are significant questions that must be answered, as Ambassador Kenneth Quinn wrote in guest blog on Global Food for Thought, recently,

"...the U.S. government and separately the G8 have made significant commitments to address the issues in the world to ensure that that there will be sufficient nutritious food to feed the burgeoning world population. But as budget deficits and political change affects government on both sides of the Atlantic, the key question now is can it be sustained? 

Will America be prepared to continue to make the resources available so that this country can continue in the leadership it has demonstrated since 1862 and, most significantly, following World War II?

Will the G8 have the collective will to continue the commitments made at L’Aquila [Editor's note: L'Aquila is where the 2009 G8 Summit took place]?"

The symposium will take place on May 18 where these, and many other questions, will be considered.

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