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Why the European Union Needs to Retain Commitment to Saving Lives Through Aid

February 08, 2013

European leaders may shortly announce a European Union budget deal that would show deep cuts to life-saving aid for the world’s poorest.

No one pretends that this is an easy time. European governments are facing some very difficult decisions. But it’s crucial to remember that aid is only a small fraction of the European Commission’s proposed budget and cutting back on it isn’t going to solve our current fiscal challenges. What’s most alarming is that aid is bearing a disproportionate share of the proposed cuts, and the implications of this to people living in the developing world could be catastrophic. Saving the lives of the world’s poorest is the right thing to do; it’s consistent with the values of the EU, and now is not the time to turn our backs on those suffering the most.

I hope that European governments demonstrate real leadership and commitment to continue transforming millions of lives of the world’s poorest.

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